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The municipality of Eindhoven must support protests as much as possible

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The municipality of Eindhoven too often imposes unnecessary and unlawful restrictions on peaceful protests. Even though protesting is an important human right, one of the foundations of a democratic constitutional state.



Eindhoven residents who stand up for the right to protest peacefully.


establish that:

That the municipality of Eindhoven does not sufficiently facilitate peaceful protests:

  • Protesters are not always approached in a trusting manner. As a result, there is not always an open dialogue and joint evaluation.
  • Too often, unlawful and unnecessary restrictions are placed on peaceful protests. Sometimes for fear of nuisance.
  • Peaceful protests are not always protected.


and request

the municipality of Eindhoven to promise that they will fully support peaceful protests by:

  • Not to impose unlawful and unnecessary restrictions, not even for fear of nuisance.
  • Motivate any restrictions well and in time.
  • Approach protesters trustfully, seek dialogue with them and evaluate together.
  • Protect every peaceful protest.

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Aislinn-Deborah de Jong 
Campagneteam Amnesty International Eindhoven